Business Broker Blog

The Covid pandemic has shown how short life is, and how precious our years are. It may be time to move ahead. For those waiting to sell until revenues increase, or the economy improves, or new marketing kicks in…. time is wasting. Wouldn’t you rather be spending time traveling, being with family, enjoying your retirement? I’ve come to find that after so many years in business, most improvements would have already been made.

Do you know what your business is worth, and more importantly how would the changes mentioned increase your business value? A good business broker will be able to give you an accurate market driven business valuation and will also be able to help you determine what it would take to increase the market value. At the end of the day most of my clients realize that the effort to increase their value enough to put in another year or two of work may not be worth the effort.

The time is now to take the steps necessary to accurately assess your business value and plan for a successful transition. Partnering with professionals who have your best interest in mind and can help you achieve your goals while maximizing your return are ready to help and, in many cases, will provide free consultations to begin the process. Time is wasting, arm yourself with information and enjoy your life!

Steve Barnett has broad-based experience in small to middle market advisory activities.  Prior to becoming a Business Broker, he served as CFO, Controller and VP Finance of both Manufacturing and Professional Service Companies with expertise in the Aerospace, Consumer Products, Banking and Staffing Industries. Known as “The Valley Business Broker”, Steve serves Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.  Visit Steve’s website at  www.TheValleyBusinessBroker.com.