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Entertainment is a huge industry in California. Music labels, comedy clubs, theaters, media production companies, talent agencies, amusement parks, nightclubs, sports bars, gaming arcades, tour companies and more all fall into the overarching entertainment industry.

If you are hoping to sell an entertainment company or venue, an entertainment business broker can make all the difference in the speed, smoothness and success of your sale.

Whether you’re trying to sell a bar, club, theater, gallery, tourist stop, or other small- to middle-market entertainment or recreation business, The Valley Business Broker can help. Give us a call at (818) 625-2713 to learn more about our services.

Selling Your Entertainment Business

Maybe you built your entertainment business from the ground up, or perhaps you are the most recent in a long line of owners. Either way, choosing to sell your business can be a difficult and emotional decision. Fortunately, the right entertainment business broker can help find the perfect buyer to pick up where you are leaving off.

An entertainment business broker takes on many roles during a sale ⸺ including consultant, marketer and negotiator. In an entertainment business deal, a broker’s services may include:

  • Business valuation. By considering your business’s status, local market conditions and industry trends, a broker will determine a fair value for your business.
  • Listing and marketing. Your broker will compile a listing that highlights your business’s strengths and potential. Then, they will selectively market the listing to potential buyers in their network, all while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Vetting buyers. Just because someone is interested in buying your business doesn’t mean they’re the right buyer. Your entertainment business broker will weed out buyers whose circumstances ⸺ financial or otherwise ⸺ make them a less-than-perfect fit.
  • Negotiation. Your entertainment business broker will play a pivotal role in landing a deal that satisfies both the seller and the buyer. They will help structure the deal, taking into consideration factors like financing, contracts and other details. 
  • Compliance. The entertainment industry is subject to numerous legal requirements and regulations. An entertainment business broker can help sellers navigate these requirements to ensure all aspects of a deal are legal and compliant.

Challenges Specific to Selling an Entertainment Business

The entertainment industry has its own unique set of hurdles that make utilizing a business broker especially important. Entertainment business brokers are experienced at handling challenges like:

  • Subjective valuation. Valuating an entertainment business can involve intangible assets like intellectual property, creative projects or contracts with talent. An entertainment business broker knows how to factor in these assets for a fair valuation that considers the whole picture.
  • Fierce competition. The entertainment industry is extremely competitive ⸺ and so is the market for selling entertainment businesses. A high-quality broker will shine a spotlight on your business to help it stand out from the crowd.
  • A volatile market. Perhaps more than any other industry, the entertainment industry is influenced by passing consumer trends and external market dynamics. The right broker can provide an honest assessment of how these factors trends may impact your business’s value, positively or negatively.

The Valley Business Broker

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