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Two students sitting on lawn in front of California campus, filling out form for business broker scholarship.

The Valley Business Broker, Steve Barnett, is committed to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. He understands the importance of education and practical experience in the field of business brokerage. 

That’s why we are excited to announce, “The Valley Business Broker Scholarship for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.”

Business Broker Scholarship Overview

The Valley Business Broker is offering a $500 scholarship to an outstanding student who can articulate the complexities and strategies involved in buying and selling a business through a well-researched and insightful article.

Eligibility Criteria

When submitting, please include:

  1. Full name, address, and phone number
  2. Name of college or trade school planning to attend / currently attending
  3. If under 18, please provide us with your legal guardian’s contact information

Scholarship Requirements

Write an original article of 1000-2000 words on the topic: “Buying and Selling a Business: Strategies, Challenges, and Opportunities.”

The article should reflect a clear understanding of the business brokerage industry and include practical insights or case studies. Creativity, originality, and depth of research will be key evaluation criteria.

Application Process

Submit your article along with a brief bio and statement explaining why you believe you should win this year’s scholarship.

All submissions should be sent to mailto:[email protected].

Selection Process

The winner will be chosen based on the quality of your article. Images and infographics within the article are a major plus, but be sure they are free from copyright. Using ai articles is prohibited – articles will be checked for authenticity and plagiarism.


The submission deadline is December 31st, 2024.