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If you’re a Valencia business owner and you want to sell your business, you’ve reached the right page. Unfortunately, even the savviest business owners have a hard time figuring out the ins and outs of the process. This is why so many add a certified Valencia business broker to their team instead. 

What is a business broker? 

Business brokers are professionals who specialize in helping business owners like you not only sell their businesses but get the most money possible in return. The best Valencia business brokers have industry connections that make the process a simple one. They know the best lawyers, escrow experts, accountants, and more. They’ll be just as motivated to sell your business as you are. 

Most importantly, they’ll make it happen.

Steve Barnett, The Valley Business Broker, is one of the most qualified business brokers in California. Not only does he have the connections listed above, but he also has access to an exclusive pool of buyers. Steve not only knows how to sell your business but who to sell it to. 

Still on the fence? That’s okay. 

Speaking with Steve can help you decide what’s right for you and your business. By calling (818) 625-2713 today, you can set up a free consultation and discuss all your options.

Steve Barnett of The Valley Business Broker in California

The Valley Business Broker – Steve Barnett 

After selling, most business owners feel that hiring a business broker is one of the best decisions they could have made for themselves. The sales process can be full of stress. When you hire an expert to handle all the ins and outs, this pressure is relieved. 

After all, having niche-specific knowledge about how to buy and sell businesses greatly improves one’s chance of making a deal.

Even those who have previous sales experience can struggle to get their business sold when doing it alone. 

To really be successful, you’ll need a strategy.

The great thing about Valencia business broker Steve Barnett, is that he has a very effective strategy in place. He’s done the research and knows what works (and doesn’t) when it comes to selling a business. Moreover, he has experience with both business management and all things financial. His qualifications put him leagues above the rest.

This is important when you consider the fact that business brokers need no formal education to break into the field. A few real estate classes, and boom, you’re certified. Of course, this doesn’t mean being knowledgeable.

The truth is, selling houses and land is much different than selling a business. Business brokers need to have financial analysis skills and the ability to serve as an intermediary on top of salesmanship. 

Steve Barnett of The Valley Business Broker is one of the best agents in California. When it comes to Valencia business brokers, Steve has a background that is hard to compete with. Not only did he earn an MBA from Pepperdine University, but he’s also CPA certified in the State of Washington. From crafting valuations to creating killer marketing strategies, his work speaks for itself. 

But it’s not just business sales that Steve has experience in. Past roles include serving as CFO, Controller, and VP of Finance for the Manufacturing and Professional Services sectors. 

What does this mean for you? Steve’s experience in consumer products, banking, and staffing, and other industries has given him inside knowledge that will take your business from sale to sold quickly. 

You can set up a free consultation today to see what kind of strategy The Valley Business Broker has for you.

Valencia Business Broker Process

By now, you probably know that when it comes to selling a business, your focus should be strategy. Much like a game of chess, you must go into the game with a solid plan to win. 

Luckily for you, The Valley Business Broker’s client-focused strategy has allowed him to do one amazing thing: secure millions!

That’s right. When it comes to Valencia businesses and businesses statewide, Steve has secured millions of dollars in sales. Even if you have serious reservations about handing over the reins, you can rest assured that you’re hiring someone who has both the know-how and the proof to back it up. 

Most of this proof is in Steve’s skill with business valuations. This tool is used by Steve to help determine the price your business will be listed at. There are lots of things that go into valuation, including financials, the market, and what buyers are willing to pay for such a business. Once the valuation is determined, marketing materials are created, and the selling begins. 

These are sent out to Steve’s exclusive network, and the leads start to roll in. When interested parties put in offers, he will screen them to ensure that the offers are fair and valid. When it’s time for negotiations, you’ll have nothing to worry about. After all, Steve will have it covered. 

The best part of all? Steve won’t take a penny until after he successfully sells your business. So really, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

Frequently Asked Valencia Business Broker Questions

Q) What are the benefits of working with The Valley Business Broker?

A) Business owners who sell their businesses on their own are only around 20% likely to seal the deal. One of the best benefits of working with a business broker is that your chances of selling shoot up to over 80%. 

Q) Are business brokers worth the money?

A) Hiring a business broker is an investment. However, the pros are worth the price tag attached to a commission. For one, The Valley Business Broker makes the selling process easy and stress-free. Although there can be a valuation charge, this is usually partially or fully refunded once the business is sold. 

Ready to sell your business in Valencia, California? Speak with The Valley Business Broker today to receive your free consultation. Let’s map out a strategy to help you succeed and get top dollar for your business!