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Did you know that working with someone with the right expertise can dramatically drive up the selling price of your business sale?

Steve Barnett of The Valley Business Broker has not only sold millions of dollars in businesses but is also one of the most accredited business brokers in California. His extensive expertise will help ease the process of selling your business and ensure you get the best possible price for your business in the San Fernando Valley.

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Sell Your Business with The Valley Business Broker 

Approximately 20% of listed businesses sell. A major contributing factor to these low numbers is inadequate preparation, valuation, and communication with potential buyers. The good news is that Steve has an 80%+ success rate in closing business sale transactions.

There is no shortage of benefits to selling your business via a business broker.

In addition to getting the highest price possible, you can count on a smooth, seamless experience. Professional business brokers have connections and expertise that you need to make the selling process a breeze.

Steve Barnett is an exceptionally accredited business broker with certifications and qualifications that surpass the competition, including being a CPA, an accredited Certified Business Broker, and having an MBA in Business Management.  These qualifications give Steve the unique ability to understand business operations, finances, valuations and the business sales process. 

Sell My Business – San Fernando Valley Business Broker

If you’re wondering how such a dramatic difference in success rate is possible, the answer is simple – it’s all in the process.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from working with The Valley Business Broker in the San Fernando Valley:

The first step is to prepare a realistic business valuation. This number is determined based on a variety of factors including your business’s focus, location, earnings history, reputation, and more. Since there are so many moving parts to business valuation, it’s a good idea to work with a Certified Business Broker.

Steve’s background in accounting and finance paired with his professional experience as a CFO are a testament to his comprehension of business numbers. Since a deep understanding of the numbers is essential to bank underwriting and an accurate valuation, you can’t afford not to work with Steve.

Sometimes, steps can be taken to improve a business’s valuation before it is listed for sale. If a financial cleanup is needed, Steve gives actionable advice and unmatched support to help you improve your standing. Though this may delay the listing date on your business, it can dramatically drive up your listing price.

Once the valuation is complete, you’ll agree on a listing price. Then The Valley Business Broker will get to work preparing the necessary marketing materials. These typically include:

  • Company history
  • Product marketing
  • Financial information
  • Employee details
  • Business potential

These details are used to then market your business as a for-sale entity. Prospective buyers are directed to The Valley Business Broker, who screens and works with them, providing insight and enough information for them to prepare an offer. At this time you’ll have the opportunity to negotiate the price and other details. 

Once an offer is agreed upon, it’s time to close the deal! Business broker Steve Barnett does all the hard work for you by working with your trusted advisors, and by suggesting the best attorneys, accountants, and banking personnel as required to protect your interests. Throughout the entire process, you can expect respect, transparency, and open communication.

Work with a San Fernando Valley Business Broker Who Cares

Making the decision to sell your business isn’t always an easy one. When you work with Steve, you can rest assured that your hard work is in good hands. As one of the best business brokers in the San Fernando Valley, Steve has an empathetic nature and wants to help you get the most out of your business.

If you’re ready to take control of your free time by selling your business for top dollar, Steve can help.

Now is the time to start traveling, spending time with your family, or pursuing other personal interests.

There’s nothing stopping you from getting a fair price for your business. When you work with Steve, you can count on the utmost respect and understanding for you and your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Brokers:

Q) What is a business broker?

A) A business broker is a professional salesman dedicated to helping you get the best price possible for your business. Brokers like Steve Barnett help you get the best valuation for your business. Then, they help with marketing, lead generation, and prospect screening. Finally, business brokers arrange meetings with the proper attorneys, bank personnel, and accountants to handle the purchase. 

Q) What are the benefits of working with a San Fernando Valley business broker?

A) Attempting to sell your business on your own only has about a 20% likelihood of being successful. Working with business broker Steve Barnett increases those chances to 80%+. This is because successful valuation, marketing, and prospect screening is essential to closing the deal.

Q) Should I sell my business with a business broker?   

A) Selling your business with a business broker dramatically increases your chances of completing the sale. Working with a business broker also means that the selling process is smooth, stress-free, and much faster. Furthermore, having a professional on your side will ensure you receive the best possible price when selling your business, leaving more money in your pocket to enjoy the finer things in life.

Q) How much does it cost to hire a business broker to sell your business in the San Fernando Valley?

A) Commissions are earned upon the successful sale of the business and are based on the transaction amount. The good thing is that normally working with The Valley Business Broker will result in more money in your pocket, even after commissions. Paid valuations are available, however 50 – 100% of this fee will be refunded when your business is sold by Steve.

Q) What should I look for in a business broker?

A) When you’re searching for a business broker, it’s important to work with someone who is well-qualified for the role. Steve Barnett has multiple accreditations including an MBA in Business Management and a CPA in addition to being a Certified Business Broker. The right business broker should also be empathetic, transparent, and should be an excellent communicator.

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