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When you’re planning on buying a house, the first person you might contact is a real estate agent, right? After all, real estate agents know where the best houses are in your budget, how competitive the pricing is compared to other listings, and what improvements you might need to be made on the home.

Did you know that you can hire someone to help you sell your business in the same way a real estate agent helps to sell homes? It’s true! The Valley Business Broker Steve Barnett uses his education and professional working history to help business owners just like you get huge payouts for their businesses.

If you’ve been looking for a way to take the first step to selling your biz, this is it. Call The Valley Business Broker today to set up a free consultation.

Steve Barnett of The Valley Business Broker

The Valley Business Broker in Thousand Oaks – Steve Barnett 

Choosing the right business broker is a huge decision. Considering you’ll be entrusting this person to help you get a fair price for your business, it’s wise to be picky when choosing the right candidate. 

What’s jarring is that some Thousand Oaks business brokers have little to no experience in selling businesses at all. There is no special training or certification specific to business sales required to obtain a business broker certification. Instead, all that’s needed is a real estate salesperson’s certificate.

You probably wouldn’t call your real estate agent to help you sell your manufacturing business, right?

That’s because they’re inherently different things. It’s not difficult to imagine how different it is to sell a building versus a fully-operating, profitable business.

The financial documentation alone makes real estate and business sales quite different. That’s just one of many reasons why you should consider working with The Valley Business Broker to seal the deal on your business in Thousand Oaks.

There’s a few reasons why Steve is the best choice to sell your Thousand Oaks business. First, he has prior professional experience and education that directly relates to his role as a business broker. His professional background as a CFO, Controller, and VP of Finance allows him to understand at a deeper level the inner financial workings of your business.

What if we told you when you work with Steve, you get the whole package?

Don’t you want to collaborate with a business broker who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to your business financials and operations? This knowledge places Steve in the unique position to be able to level with potential clients in a way that feels authentic, which could work out in your favor.

Steve’s MBA in Business Operations from Pepperdine University and CPA certification from the State of Washington further proves his fitness to handle the sale of your business. As you can see, Steve is quite qualified for this position, especially when compared to other Thousand Oaks business brokers.

The truth is, Steve helps business owners sell their businesses because he cares. Steve understands that you deserve to get a fair price in exchange for the hard work you’ve put in over the years. If you’re ready to move on to the next phase in your life, don’t let anything hold you back.

Contact The Valley Business Broker to find out what he can do to help you get your business sold! 

Man in suit putting out hand for a handshake in Thousand Oaks, California

The Best Thousand Oaks Business Broker

The Valley Business Broker’s experience, expertise, and education make him a stand-out contender among business brokers in Thousand Oaks, California. With Steve, you will follow a streamlined, tried-and-true business sales process that has earned an over 80% success rate.

Compared to the likelihood that you’ll sell without help of about 20%, it’s not hard to see why working with The Valley Business Broker is the right choice. Plus, working with Steve makes your job virtually effortless. All you’ll need to do is provide some key details about your business, and Steve will do the rest.

It all starts with a fair and accurate business valuation. This number helps you and Steve to come up with a listing price that doesn’t leave any money on the table while not being so high that interested buyers shy away from it. During this stage, Steve takes a close look at your biz to ensure there aren’t any minor tweaks that you can implement to skyrocket your business valuation.

Steve also helps you to get the word out about your Thousand Oaks business for sale. By creating memorable, striking marketing materials that shine a positive light on your business, Steve can target and attract your ideal customer. This is just one of the many benefits of working with Steve – he knows exactly where to find the people who are most likely to purchase your business.

However, not every lead you get will be a reliable one. Luckily, Steve has a process for screening applicants that eliminates those who aren’t motivated to buy. That means you’ll spend less time prospecting and negotiating, which puts money into your pocket sooner.

There’s nothing quite like having a professional on your side when you’re selling your business. Call Steve today to get him on your team!

FAQ – Thousand Oaks Business Broker

Q) Who is The Valley Business Broker?

A) Steve Barnett of The Valley Business Broker uses his extensive professional background, education, and experience as a business broker to help clients sell their businesses for top dollar.

Q) Do I need a business broker?

A) Selling your business is more complicated than you might think. You’ll need an accurate business valuation, striking marketing materials, knowledge of financials / moving parts of the business, and you’ll need to know how to get these materials in front of the right buyers. Working with The Valley Business Broker makes this process virtually effortless.

Let Steve take care of the heavy lifting for you. Contact The Valley Business Broker today for your free consultation!